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Lifestyle, Location, Travel Photograpy

A seasoned story teller with 24 years of film and video experience, Dan’s developed a reputation for taking on the hard jobs. Inspired by life’s real moments, his style is genuine and fresh. Whether he is wandering the streets of London, the airport in Dubai or a Mercado in Costa Rica, shooting stills or video, his commitment to craft shines through. Nary a brand has passed through his deft artistry and emerged richer, fuller, more colorful than before. A beer man doggedly committed to getting ‘it’ right, his pint tips when the job is not just done, but done perfectly.

Dan Socie is a lifelong photographer / filmmaker / storyteller shooting stills and films for great clients like Red Wing Shoe Co, CAT Footwear, Sebago, Hush Puppies, Cushe Footwear, Amway/Alticor, and Steelcase. 

Dan Socie
Chicago based.